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Dear Colleagues,

I have been working as a Palliative Care physician over a decade (in the UK and now, in rural NW-Tasmania).

I have been working with the small community based palliative care team to cover 25,000 square km area!  Working in the rural palliative care is a ‘challenge’ and a new experience!

  • There are unmet palliative care needs in terms of access to the widely dispersed population in NW Tasmania.
  • This rural population is mostly supported by GPs & Community nurses.

This Blog is created to support my rural primary health care colleagues !



  1. To develop a strong palliative care understanding / foundation, through education to rural NW Tasmania.
  2. To disseminate / share my understandings & experiences with rest of the world.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Dear Dr. Thiru’s,
    I was doing search on the net looking for presentations about MBO, I am really impressed by the nice presentation that you posted on the net.
    I have a kind of symposium where I will give lecture obout MBO, to a group of GP’s and Nurses, can you kindly give me a permission to use your nice slides about MBO in my lecture.
    Please advice.
    Best Regards.
    Dr. Mahmoud Anbarserri
    Riyadh , Sausdi Arabia
    mobile: +966504593922
    emaill: anbarserri@hotmail.com

    • Dear Dr Mohamoud Anbarserri,

      Thank you for your mail. Please use it for your lecture
      Let me know if you need my original power point slides
      Dr Thiru

  2. I have spent many hours reading your blogs Dr Thiru, great reading and a big learning curve for me as an early career nurse. Thankyou for the time you have spent putting this information together. Regards luke

  3. Hello Dr Thiru Thirukkumaran,
    I am a patient of yours.
    Vascular Degenerative Disease factor 5 liaden
    The Methadone you have recently prescribed to me for control of pain. Is making me sick and constipated . I have stopped taking it.
    I was wondering would or could it be worth looking into medical marijuana for the pain, as a lot if other medication does the same. Or look into something else that may work for me.
    I don’t mind this being public but I couldn’t find your private email.
    Thanks for your time

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