Childhood Bereavement: A case-based discussion

A case-based discussion and review of existing research evidence on the effectiveness and shortcomings of current bereavement services in the UK

Brunei Darussalam Journal of Health, 2015



Day Hospice Model Taster Session at NW Tasmania – held on October 13th 2015

Community Palliative Care Space ” Care Beyond Cure ”

To the Community…, By the Community…, For the Community…

Taster Session held on 13-10-2015 from 10am to 3pm.

This ‘Day-Hospice model’ was well received by the local community & we got a good feedback from patients, carers & visitors. We are hoping to extend this model to all over NW Tasmania with the help of community organisations.

Thank you so much for all the volunteers- including:
TAHPC team / Palliative Care Team-NW Tasmania / Community Social Workers / Hospice @ Home / Hospice Volunteer Service – NW Tasmania / participants – patients and Carers

Beginning of a new era of ” Hospice Culture” in NW Tassie

Care Beyond Cure


Medical Communication

1. How To Be A Better Communicator?                                                                  

2. “Breaking Bad News” : –  The Research evidence behind the BBN  and    Secure platform to BBN:                      

3. Challenging Medical Communications: 

Performance Status or Functional Status in Palliative Care / Oncology

Performance Status (PS): Patients’ active treatment options depend on PS.

In Europe, we mainly use the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) scale by palliative / oncology professionals

In Australia, the Australia-modified Karnofsky Performance Status (AKPS) is used together with RUG-ADL to assess a patient’s functional status:

AKPS explanation: